Tin Toy Old Timer Car - Clyde

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This lovely little tin toy vintage car is one of the most uniquely designed toys/collectables from our Kovap range. The Old Timer Car is based on the automobile style and design that was popular in the 1900's and features the easy to use but very unique 'clock work' wind up. Simply push the lever forward and away he goes!

Kovap toys are all handmade in Czech Republic. They are well known for collaborating closely with such brands as Volkswagen, Mercedes, John Deere, Porche and Fendt (to name a few) in designing and manufacturing limited edition replicas and models of their products.

Kovap have always used the highest quality materials, which are all sourced from Czech Republic and still are to this day.

They still use the same traditional manufacturing tools, designs and processes that were used when the company first began, over 70 years ago.

Measurements: L: 15cm H: 10cm W: 8cm           Age guide: 5 years +

We always advise that toys be checked for damage or loose parts prior to play and recommend adult supervision and assistance during playtime. Not designed for rough play.

  • One of our most famous and unique toys
  • A special gift they'll want to keep
  • Loved by children for decades

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