Leading the way in the new generation of children’s wooden toys is Kutulu. The company began in 2012 after a group of friends (who also happened to be designers) got together and began creating a collection of wooden children's toys with the aim being to bring something new and exciting to the market while still keeping the style of traditional Czech toys and the love and skill of old world craftsmanship. Add to this a modern approach to the aesthetics and design and you have some of the most beautifully simplistic, functional and charming wooden toys you will ever find.

Each toy tells a story that children and parents alike, will want to share and enjoy.

As with all of our toy makers, they share the same vision and values when it comes to supporting sustainable environmental practices, and using high quality, natural materials.

Each toy is easily recognisable with their unique and perfectly placed geometric shapes that fit together and form each individual piece. While this not only makes them beautiful to look at, it also helps bring each toy to life and makes them a fantastic educational tool for children to learn from and enjoy.

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