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Miva Vacov

Miva Vacov (originally trading as JAS) was established in 1946 by Frantisek Janouch. Frantisek was a famous artist and was responsible for creating the designs for all of the toys at the time. His family helped him bring his creations to life by meticulously handcrafting each toy. In 1992, to help save the company from possible bankruptcy, it was partially funded by the Czech government and began trading under the name Miva Vacov.

Frantisek was credited with creating one of the most well known wooden toy designs in the world. Known as the famous ‘clapping duck’, it is still proudly made in Czech Republic and sold to children and families all over the world.

Miva Vacov’s toys have been well known, not only in Europe, but the rest of the world for decades. Thousands of people have had the pleasure of being able to own a part of history by purchasing one of these famous and unique toys, which is a must for anyone who is visiting the beautiful Czech Republic.

All the toys are handmade by a small team of people who still use the same processes and machinery as those that were used when the company first began, all those years ago. This ensures that the quality, standards and designs of the toys remain the same today as they always have been.

All of Miva Vacov’s toys are handmade using the highest quality wood, which is sustainably sourced from the mountain regions of Central Europe. All the paints and finishes used are eco friendly and non-toxic and all of their products adhere to the strict European codes and standards under EN71.