Our Store...What Makes Us Different?

If you're not familiar with our store or our range then you may be wondering, why should I shop here? What makes this store different from other children's stores? Well I'm glad you asked! There's obviously a LONG list of reasons why we think you should shop with us but let's get into what makes us different...

At Happy Go Ducky you will find an entire world full of unique handcrafted toys and gifts that you won't find anywhere else in Australia. A bold claim but a true one at that! If you didn't know, we are the exclusive distributor in Australia for the majority of our brands. This basically means that we are the ONLY store bringing these products to Australia and selling them to our Australian customers.

Miva Vacov Toys | Happy Go DuckyHandmade Wooden Toys | Happy Go Ducky

This also means that we have the BIGGEST range so when it comes to brands like Miva Vacov and Lilu, we have the largest and most extensive range on offer. If you're wondering why you have seen the same products in other stores, that's because we also wholesale most of our range and have a large list of stockists in both Australia and New Zealand.

Wooden Stacking Rings | TateplotaWicker Dolls Pram | Lilu

It's a big job importing so many different brands and when we first started just over 3 years ago, we were solely importing our products from Czech Republic. We now import our range from Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia and Poland. Most recently we added Australia to our list and have just launched our collection of handmade toys from Melbourne!

So there you have it. If you're looking for unique, one of a kind, hard to find keepsake children's toys, gifts and decor then you've definitely come to the right place...Welcome to the wonderful world of Happy Go Ducky! Happy shopping :)