Extra Large Wooden Marble Run

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We've never seen anything like these incredible wooden marble runs from Pislik Toys. The engineering behind them is amazing and makes them a wonderfully captivating and entertaining toy for all ages.

Watch the amount of balls running on the tracks, spin the rear wheel and determine their direction. Tapping the balls, moving them and turning the wheel gently is a fascinating spectacle, therapeutic and lots of fun!

The rear carrier wheel automatically carries the balls up to the upper groove where they fall out and split into two sides. At the dividing swallow there are two gates that open. Each path is then divided into two other tracks by means of wooden beaks: tree - ladder, carousel - mill wheel.

You can set your beaks so that one of the tracks is completely closed and the other open or in the middle position, the balls then randomly run into both ways. At the bottom of the bottom plate, the balls cluster and try to fit into the hole in the carrier wheel again and pull them back up, over and over again.

Each toy comes with a set of Pislik figures and marbles.

Age Guide & Safety: *The wooden figures are recommended for 3 years + and are not suitable for children over 3 years who still have a tendency to place objects in their mouths. The glass marbles are a choking hazard and must be kept out of reach, off the floor and away from babies and young children.

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Jenni D’Amato

Purchased this item and it is amazing!
Kids love it and having so much fun.
A well worth expense.

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