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Quilted Linen Mattress 150cm x 75cm - Graphite

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Our search for unique, handmade items for you and your little is never ending and when we stumbled upon these incredible hand quilted linen mattresses, our jaws dropped. If your searching for the 'wow' factor, then these stunning vintage style pieces have it in abundance! They will instantly transform your child's space into a kingdom full of magic and wonder.

Each mattress is made entirely by hand, using only traditional tools and methods and the finest natural materials. This ensures that the detail and quality is perfect and precise every time. The hours, skill and workmanship that goes into each piece is something to behold - taking a total of approximately 20 hours to create, helps you appreciate how truly special and unique they really are.

Each mattress is made using 100% linen which is the worlds oldest known natural textile fibre. It is well known for being eco friendly, soft, breathable and perfect for children with allergies or eczema as it is resistant to dust and bacteria.

  • Made using the finest natural materials
  • 100% handmade
  • Ideal for children with eczema or allergies 

Measurements: L: 150cm W: 75cm H: 15cm 

Weight: 5kg