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hand quilted linen floor cushions

Zana By Mama

Quilted Round Floor Cushion - Ash Grey (Arriving November)


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[This item is currently on PRE-ORDER. Our shipment will be arriving in November and all orders will be shipped as soon as our stock is available].

Add a touch of whimsical charm to your child's bedroom with these stunning hand quilted linen floor cushions from Zana By Mama. Your child will love getting lost in their favourite book while perfectly perched upon their pouf.

Each cushion is made from 100% linen which is the worlds oldest known natural textile fibre. It is well known for being eco friendly, soft, breathable and perfect for adults and children with allergies or eczema as it is resistant to dust and bacteria.

Material: 100% Linen   Filler: Deluxe Anti Allergen Silicone Material

Measurements: W: 47cm x H: 14cm

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