Wooden Balancing Building Blocks - Modi

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These interesting and special wooden building block play sets, allow children to create unique and varied constructions that appear to balance in the air.

Most of the pieces in this set have furrows which make it easier to stack the pieces on their side and keep them in place.

Each and every creation is wonderfully different and helps to encourage and develop children's imagination, logic, sense and understanding of balance as well as spatial cognition.

Playing with building blocks help children to develop and practice important skills such as motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cognitive flexibility, creative thinking and maths, to name just a few!

Each set comes with 34 wooden blocks in their own wooden box.

Measurements: L: 23CM W: 30CM H: 4.8CM    Weight: 1.2kg

Material: Linden Wood

Age Guide: 3 years+

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