Wooden Cake & Tea Set - 26 Pieces

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What child doesn’t love a play tea set?! A tea set encourages a child’s social skills and ability to share and play with others, as well as imaginative play as they serve their favourite dolls or teddy friends.

This beautiful handmade wooden tea set is made from linden wood for a wonderfully minimalist look in warm, soft colours. Each item is very pleasant to hold in little hands, as they are velvety to the touch. They make a very special keepsake gift and are a wonderful eco friendly option to the plastic versions.

⚬ 1 Kettle with lid: L: 7.5cm x H: 12cm. 
⚬ 1 Sugar bowl with lid: L: 7cm x H: 10cm.
⚬ 1 Butter box with lid.
⚬ 1 Vase: H: 10cm.
⚬ 1 Knife.
⚬ 1 Cake server.
⚬ 1 Cake stand: L: 10cm x H: 5.5cm.
⚬ 2 Tea cups: L: 6cm x H: 5cm each.
⚬ 2 Tea bags (black tea and green tea).
⚬ 2 Bagels.
⚬ 2 Saucers: 8cm diameter.
⚬ 2 Cake plates: 6cm diameter.
⚬ 2 Teaspoons.
⚬ 2 Sugar cubes.
⚬ 1 Piece of butter.
⚬ 1 Lemon.
⚬ 2 Lemon slices for tea.
⚬ 1 Sliced cake (8 pieces): 10cm diameter.

Material: Linden and alder wood.

Age Guide & Safety: 3 years+. Not suitable for children 3 years and over who still have a tendency to put things in their mouth. There are some small pieces in this set which could be a potential choking hazard. We always advise adult supervision during play.

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