Large Wooden Log Building House - Texas

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The 'Texas' set is part of the Kubi Dubi Country Land series of construction toys.

With it one can build endless log house buildings that are perfect for small world play.

The process of construction will engage a child while the result will impress even an adult! Don't be fooled, these sets are not easy! They are specifically designed to challenge their problem solving skills and teach them about the basics of building and importance of a solid foundation.

There really is no age limit with these building puzzles so they are great for older children and even adults may find them challenging.

Texas is a beautiful wooden log house that will transport them straight into the exciting world of cowboys and the wild west.

This amazing set contains 221 wooden building pieces and comes in it's own wooden box for easy storage.

Measurements (boxed): L: 31cm, H: 9.5cm, W: 34.5cm  Weight: 4.4 kg

Material: Linden & Oak Wood

Age Guide: 5 years +

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