Wooden Mushroom With Screw

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These adorable wooden mushrooms with a screw will become a wonderful learning toy for your little toddler. Every mother knows that toddlers are fond of turning and untwisting everything that can be twisted.

While turning the mushroom your child will need to work not only his/her fingers but the whole hand.

They will also help your child to develop patience, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

The mushroom can also be used to crack nut shells such as walnuts, chestnuts etc. Simply place the nut in the hole and twist the mushroom until it cracks.

These lovely toys are very durable and are handmade from natural beechwood.

Measurements: L: 10cm x W: 7cm

Material: Beech wood finished with natural linseed oil.

Age Guide: 3 years+

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