Wooden Pop Up Castle - Red Mallee Burl

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What is a burl? A burl is a rounded deformed growth that appears in various places on the outer tree trunk of different tree species. Their grain and colour is incredibly unique and beautiful. They are quite rare and highly sought after by woodworkers. Because the grain is twisted and interlocked, burl wood is extremely dense and resistant to splitting. Burls have become so valuable that poachers have even been known to cut them from the side of trees in national parks.

These magical wooden castles from Schloss will amaze children and adults alike. Each castle is created from one piece of wood and is based on a design that dates all the way back to the 1700's. They are incredibly unique, perfect for imaginative storytelling, and are stunning as a display piece. What looks like a normal piece of wood, becomes a world full of magic and wonder when you turn it upside down and the castle is revealed in all it's glory! (See below for detailed instructions on how to open and close the castle).

Each Castle is a one of a kind work of art that will be treasured for generations. These very special and rare burl pieces are intended as a decor, display piece and should not be played with by young children.

Measurements: L: 16cm W: 12cm H: 17cm

Material: Red Mallee Burl

Instructions: To reveal or open the castle, with a sharp 'flick' turn the block upside down. The smaller pieces will fall into position and wedge into place. With some harder woods you may need to gently pull on the some of the pieces to ensure they are pulled firmly into place.

To close the castle, turn it upside down and with an open hand, firmly push the the castle into the palm of your hand, almost as if you were smacking it. If the castle is too large to hold with one hand, hold it upside down with both hands and lower it onto a table using a gentle tapping motion to loosen the pieces so they fall back into place. If you try to close the castle while it's upright, some of the pieces may come loose. To put any loose pieces back, turn the castle upside down again (making sure all the other pieces are down), ensure the loose piece is at the correct angle and the gently slot it back into position. DO NOT USE ANY FORCE. If it's in the correct position it will slide easily back into place, if it doesn't simply adjust the angle and try again.

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