Large Wooden Spinning Top

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Did you know that spinning top toys are among the oldest toys ever discovered by archeologists? Such a simple and well loved toy that is still incredibly popular today! So of course we just had to have these beautiful, large wooden spinning tops from Pislik Toys. A wonderful twist on a classic, traditional toy.

It's large size allows it to gain enormous energy so it can spin for even longer.

So, how does it work?

Place the pislik figure on the small rod at the top, wrap the string around the 'neck' of the figure and hold the end of the string with the other hand. Now holding one hand on top of the figure to keep it upright (see image) and the string with the other, pull firmly on the string and then release your hand from the top.

It takes a few practice goes but once you get the hang of it you'll be hooked!

For added fun you can take turns and time each go to see who can make it spin the longest!

Each spinning top comes with it's own wooden pislik figure.

Measurements: W: 5.5cm H: 18cm   Age Guide: 3 years+

  • Challenging and fun for all ages
  • Beautiful, simple design
  • A wonderful keepsake gift

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