Wooden Stacking Bridges

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These beautiful 8 piece wooden bridge sets are a wonderful open ended educational toy for children of all ages.

The smaller pieces can be used to cover the grooves between successive bridges and the arches can be stacked and balanced, thus initiating balance games.

Children will enjoy using curved parts by driving vehicles over them but also underneath, using them as bridges or shelters for smaller toys or even as fences. or walls for farms and cities.

The surface of colored pieces, unlike oiled ones, is matte, making them less slippery and easier to stack. This also ensures a rich sensory experience for the child.

Bumbu Toys toys are carefully handcrafted following the Waldorf and Montessori philosophies that encourage children to discover independent creative play.

Made of solid maple wood, the toy is finished with 100% NON-toxic paints and organic oils that retain the natural characteristics of the wood.

Measurements (of the bridges): L: 35 cm x W: 6 cm x H: 8 cm

Age Guide & Safety: Recommended for 3 years+. We always advise that toys be checked prior to play and recommend adult supervision during playtime. Not suitable for children 3 years and over who still have a tendency to put things in their mouth.

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