Wooden Trees - Set Of 4

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This beautiful set of handmade wooden trees includes four tree figures, each made from its own tree species - hornbeam, alder, ash and pine. These wonderful toys are an incredible tool for creating endless hours of imaginative playtime. They can be used for games, create different worlds and tell magical stories. They are also a lovely decor piece for your child's room or playroom.

Each figure is impregnated with a composition of linseed oil and beeswax which helps protect the wood while also enhancing it's natural beauty.

Due to the natural uniqueness of each piece of wood used, the shade of the product you ordered may differ slightly from the photos on our website.

Measurements & Materials:

Pine: H:16cm
Hornbeam: H:14cm
Ash: H:14.5cm
Alder: H:13.7cm
Finish: Linseed Oil & Beeswax

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