Wooden Peacock

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Peacocks are the males of the species (the collective term for them is Peafowl) and are easily recognisable by their iridescent blue green tail feathers and feather crest. The males don't start showing their colourful tail feathers until around 3 years of age. The female has special senses in her crest that allow her to feel the vibrations of a male from far away.

These incredible wooden Peacock figures from Bumbu Toys have to be seen to be believed! They are a wonderful keepsake toy on their own or can be matched with any of the wooden trees and other animal figures from our Bumbu Toys collection to create a magical and inviting small world scene ready for play.

Bumbu Toys figures are handmade from quality Romanian wood, in Romania.

Each toy is a unique piece designed with love and care. Their toys give children the opportunity to immerse themselves in the imaginary world of play. All of the materials used in production are certified so they guarantee not only the highest quality toys, but also the safety of your child while playing with them.

Measurements: L: 21cm x H: 5.5 cm x W: 3cm

Age Guide & Safety: Recommended for 5 years+. Due to the thin neck of the bird, rough play is not advised. We always advise that toys be checked prior to play and recommend adult supervision during playtime.

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Beautiful item

Absolutely stunning, a lot of detail went into this toy and it looks lovely in the playroom

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