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Wooden Camp FireWooden Camp Fire
Bumbu Toys Wooden Camp Fire
Sale price$22.00
Wooden Grass - SmallWooden Grass - Small
Wooden Grass - MediumWooden Grass - Medium
Large Wooden Bush
Bumbu Toys Large Wooden Bush
Sale price$22.00
Wooden Cattail PlantWooden Cattail Plant
Bumbu Toys Wooden Cattail Plant
Sale price$26.00
Water LilyWater Lily
Bumbu Toys Water Lily
Sale price$22.00
Wooden Mushroom in GrassWooden Mushroom in Grass
Bumbu Toys Wooden Mushroom in Grass
Sale price$28.00
Wooden Magic Mushroom SetWooden Magic Mushroom Set
Bumbu Toys Wooden Magic Mushroom Set
Sale price$58.00
Large Wooden Savannah RocksLarge Wooden Savannah Rocks
Bumbu Toys Large Wooden Savannah Rocks
Sale price$78.00
Lake PuzzleLake Puzzle
Bumbu Toys Lake Puzzle
Sale price$88.00
Large Wooden TreeLarge Wooden Tree
Bumbu Toys Large Wooden Tree
Sale price$32.00
Wooden Spruce Tree Puzzle - SmallWooden Spruce Tree Puzzle - Small
Wooden Spruce Tree Puzzle - LargeWooden Spruce Tree Puzzle - Large
Medium Birch Tree - Green (Arriving October)Medium Birch Tree - Green (Arriving October)
Large Wooden Green Birch TreeLarge Birch Tree - Green
Bumbu Toys Large Birch Tree - Green
Sale price$126.00
Large Natural Wooden Tree For PlayLarge Birch Tree - Natural
Large Oak Tree - NaturalLarge Oak Tree - Natural
Large Oak Tree - SummerLarge Oak Tree - Summer
Bumbu Toys Large Oak Tree - Summer
Sale price$154.00
Bumbu Toys Large Oak TreeLarge Oak Tree - Autumn
Bumbu Toys Large Oak Tree - Autumn
Sale price$154.00
Large Spruce TreeLarge Wooden Toy Spruce Tree
Bumbu Toys Large Spruce Tree
Sale price$126.00
Japanese Maple Tree (Arriving October)Japanese Maple Tree (Arriving October)
Extra Large Baobab Tree Thick Trunk - PaintedLarge Wooden Baobab Trees For Play
Extra Large Baobab Tree - NaturalExtra Large Baobab Tree - Natural
Extra Large Wooden Birch Tree PuzzleExtra Large Wooden Birch Tree Puzzle
The Ancient Oak TreeThe Ancient Oak Tree
Bumbu Toys The Ancient Oak Tree
Sale price$114.00
Wooden Forest HutWooden Forest Hut
Bumbu Toys Wooden Forest Hut
Sale price$82.00
Save $8.00
Miniature Wooden House - BucovinaMiniature Wooden House - Bucovina
Bumbu Toys Miniature Wooden House - Bucovina
Sale price$16.00 Regular price$24.00
Save $8.00
Miniature Wooden House - Moldova 2Miniature Wooden House - Moldova 2
Bumbu Toys Miniature Wooden House - Moldova 2
Sale price$16.00 Regular price$24.00
Save $8.00
Miniature Wooden House - Moldova 1Miniature Wooden House - Moldova 1
Bumbu Toys Miniature Wooden House - Moldova 1
Sale price$16.00 Regular price$24.00
Miniature Wooden House - MunteniaMiniature Wooden House - Muntenia
Wooden Purple TroutWooden Purple Trout
Bumbu Toys Wooden Purple Trout
Sale price$13.50
Wooden Duckling SmallWooden Duckling Small
Wooden DuckWooden Duck
Bumbu Toys Wooden Duck
Sale price$22.00
Wooden Mallard DuckWooden Mallard Duck
Wooden Wild GooseWooden Wild Goose
Bumbu Toys Wooden Wild Goose
Sale price$26.00
Wooden Toy Baby Chickens
Bumbu Toys Wooden Small Chick
Sale price$6.00
Wooden Brown HenWooden Brown Hen
Bumbu Toys Wooden Brown Hen
Sale price$22.00
Wooden RoosterWooden Rooster
Bumbu Toys Wooden Rooster
Sale price$26.00
Wooden Hoopoe BirdWooden Hoopoe Bird
Bumbu Toys Wooden Hoopoe Bird
Sale price$18.00
Wooden Owl FigureWooden Owl Figure
Bumbu Toys Wooden Owl Figure
Sale price$22.00
Wooden Grey Heron
Bumbu Toys Wooden Grey Heron
Sale price$28.00
Wooden RabbitWooden Rabbit
Bumbu Toys Wooden Rabbit
Sale price$22.00
Wooden SquirrelWooden Squirrel
Bumbu Toys Wooden Squirrel
Sale price$18.00
Wooden Sitting RabbitWooden Sitting Rabbit
Wooden HedgehogWooden Hedgehog
Bumbu Toys Wooden Hedgehog
Sale price$22.00
Wooden Fox
Bumbu Toys Wooden Fox
Sale price$22.00
Wooden Billy GoatWooden Toy Goat Figure
Bumbu Toys Wooden Billy Goat
Sale price$28.00
Wooden Toy Donkey Figure
Bumbu Toys Wooden Donkey
Sale price$28.00

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