Bumbu Toys wooden toys are skilfully crafted from sustainable maple wood, hand painted with non-toxic paints and feature attractive and simple shapes.

The Bumbu Toys workshop is located 1000m above sea level in  Brasov county, Romania at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. Traditional toy making and crafts are still a cherished part of the culture here and Bumbu Toys is doing their part to preserve them.

They approach each initial sketch and design with love and care. From the first sketches of the toy until its completion, the individual character of each figure is always maintained.

They sketch each figure, keeping in mind the abilities and skills they are wanting to  develop, while also thinking of how to stimulate the child's desire for knowledge. They also consult with pedagogues and psychologists, until they have created a quality Bumbu Toys educational toy.

The principle of their toys is to be as simple as possible. The more complicated these toys are, the more they block the power of children to imagine their stories and to look for new ways to play. The wood is manually cut with professional equipment so that it meets the highest quality standards.

They allocate much of the production time of each toy to the polishing process. Why? Because it's never too perfect and Bumbu Toys are unique to the touch. The time spent for polishing is directly proportional to the quality of the toys and therefore they will allocate as much time to this process as is necessary.

They make absolutely no compromises when it comes to safety. All of the paints used are 100% non-toxic internationally certified. Immersion in high quality organic oil, also retains the applied colour and protects the surface of the toy.

According to their creators, children need a positive image of the world around them and opportunities to recreate life situations through stories, which they can enter without fear.

They are looking for safety and meaning in life. By finding these emotions during play, children gain the courage and strength to face challenges and become more confident within themselves.

This is why Bumbu Toys were created and is one of the main reasons why they are so passionate about their work.

'We love wooden toys because they are safe, natural, and durable, but also because they are nourishing to a young child’s senses. They feel good and, with their variety of natural colors and grains, are beautiful to behold! Not only will wooden toys provide many years of play for your child, but with proper care, they will also be enjoyed by your grandchildren and great-grandchildren.' -- Bumbu Toys

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