Detoa was established by Johann Schowanek in 1908.

The factory began by producing wooden beads, buttons, and other small lathe-turned parts. The company soon became the largest producer of its kind anywhere in Europe.

In 1927 the production range was extended to include wooden toys and in1945 the factory also began to produce mechanics for upright pianos. The factory is now the largest and oldest producer of wooden toys, parlour game components, wooden beads, upright and grand piano mechanics and keyboards in the Czech Republic.

All Detoa products are made from the highest quality wood, which is sourced from the mountain regions of Central Europe. All the paints and finishes are high quality, certified, eco-friendly and comply with the EN 71 standard. As most of Detoa’s toys are designed with the smallest children in mind, special attention is given to the technological process and the finish, which guarantees the lasting high quality of their products.

All of Detoa’s toys meet the requirements of European authorization and International safety standards. Their products are always closely monitored and tested during the manufacturing process to ensure they comply with these standards.

All of Detoa’s products are handmade using quality hardwood (maple, beech and hornbeam) that is lumbered in the mountainous regions of Central Europe.

The wood from these industrial emissions free regions is of the highest quality and guarantees the maximum possible utilization percentage. As soon as the logs are cut down, they are delivered to the conversion depot.

They are protected there against mold and coloring and are not chemically processed or treated.

The timber is stacked up and naturally dried for 6 to 18 months. The drying process is finished to 7-9% dampness in fully automated drying rooms, which are computer operated and work on the principle of water-vapor-drying at high temperatures. Only wood without any evident defects is used for further production.

For coloring, only quality certified ecological colors and varnishes are used which comply with the EN 71 standard, are approved to be used by children of any age, and have no impact on the environment. The adhesives used are bought from renowned European manufactures and are also certified for use by children of any age. Other materials such as leather, felt, or fabric comply with all safety requirements and standards.

All the packaging used for our products is fully recyclable. We have been involved in the European system of package recycling and are authorized to use the Green Point symbol on all our products.

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