Tim Schloss is the talented craftsman and owner of Schloss.

Tim’s journey with timber began at an early age, when he discovered the delight of bringing the life back into wood when sanding up an old rough piece, found lying around the farm. Several years later, the delight then turned into an apprenticeship in cabinet making (fine furniture).

Then in 2006, some neighbourhood boys who knew how skilled he was, asked Tim to make them some wooden 'Lord of the Rings' swords and from there the toy craftsman was born! 

Tim's journey then took him into a new chapter in 2012 when he (Schloss) took over “Good Ol’ Toys”, the brand who introduced the magical 'castle on a hill' and the 'surprise puzzles' to Australia. Tim has been lovingly handcrafting these beautiful toys ever since.

Nearly all of Tim's creations are made using recycled or salvaged wood (some of which has been donated) and are all handcrafted in Australia from his workshop in North East Victoria. They are ethically and sustainably handcrafted and great for imaginative play.

Wooden Pop Up Toy Castle | Happy Go Ducky