We're passionate about the environment and doing whatever we can to reduce our impact on it. We spend a lot of time and effort ensuring that everything you receive with your order is recyclable, recycled, eco friendly and bio-degradable while also minimising any excess packaging.

We are very conscious of the impact that single use plastics and packing materials have on our environment which is why we always use and re-use cardboard boxes, wooden wool, bio degradable packing peanuts and recycled brown paper in our packing. We aim to send nothing to landfill so any cardboard that we can't use is recycled and any plastic packaging we do encounter also gets taken to our local recycling centre.

We're always working hard at ensuring all of the products we source from our suppliers is without plastic packaging, as much as possible.

Being zero waste is not about being perfect (we definitely aren't even close!), it's about consciously making an effort to be better and finding different ways that help you work towards a zero waste goal.

We're all in this together and by purchasing from us and supporting our store, you're helping us continue to take responsibility for our actions as a business and work towards a better future for all of us.