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This months brand feature explores some of the history behind one of our most loved wooden toy brands, and one of our own personal favourites, Miva Vacov.

You may already be familiar with their adorable wooden stacking puzzles and beautifully handcrafted wooden pull alongs which have been particularly popular with photographers and stylists on Instagram recently and it’s easy to see why!

Beautiful yet simple designs mean that they are perfect for both boys and girls and compliment any nursery no matter what the style is.

Bonnie and Snowflake

Miva Vacov was established in 1946 by Frantisek Janouch. Frantisek was a famous artist and was responsible for creating the designs for all of the toys at the time. His family assisted him in bringing his creations to life and they meticulously handcrafted each toy together.

After many years of success, the company sadly ran into financial trouble (as many companies did at that time) and in 1992, to help save it from possible bankruptcy, it was partially funded by the Czech government and began trading under the name Miva Vacov (previously trading as JAS).

Frantisek’s claim to fame came when he created one of the most well known wooden toy designs in the world. Known as the ‘clapping duck’ (pictured below), it is still, to this day, proudly handmade in Czech Republic and sold to children and families all over the world.


Pull Along Gabriel - Happy Go Ducky

Miva Vacov’s toys have been well known, not only in Europe, but the rest of the world for decades and now they are proving to be just as popular right here in Australia! Thousands of people have had the pleasure of taking home a piece of history when purchasing one of these famous and unique toys, which is a must for anyone who has the pleasure of visiting Czech Republic.

All of their toys are handmade by a small team of people who still use the same processes and machinery as those that were used when the company first began, all those years ago. This ensures that the quality, standards and designs of the toys remain exactly the same today as they always have been.

Each toy is made using the highest quality wood, which is sustainably sourced from the mountain regions of Central Europe. All the paints and finishes used are eco friendly and non-toxic so they are safe for little hands and our environment.

We can’t wait to bring you even more from this beautiful brand. Our next shipment is on it’s way and includes some gorgeous new arrivals that we know you’ll love!

You can shop our full range of Miva Vacov wooden toys by clicking here.

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