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Playful Wood Puzzles | With Finding Myself Young

Amy Simons Product Review Wooden Puzzles

Hello and welcome to our latest blog!

Many of you may already be familiar with our most popular Playful Wood toy, the Robur dump truck but have you seen our amazing collection of their wooden puzzles too?

 Wooden Coloured Puzzle | Happy Go Ducky

We recently had the very lovely Toni from Finding Myself Young review our incredibly versatile Circle Puzzle, or as her daughter affectionately calls it, the 'Pizza Puzzle'!

Toni's review is exceptionally detailed and informative and explains all the different ways her and her daughter explored, played and created with this fun and educational wooden puzzle, together.

Wooden Puzzle Play | Happy Go Ducky

In the words of Toni, it's 'the most awesome, open ended puzzle I've ever come across'...and we couldn't agree more!

You can read the full review on her blog by clicking here

Wooden Puzzles | Educational Toys | Happy Go Ducky

We hope you and your child enjoy endless hours of quality playtime with these brilliant educational and beautifully handcrafted wooden puzzles. You can view our full collection of wooden puzzles by clicking here

Thank you for stopping by!

Amy x

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