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It's that time of year again where the beginning of the year is a distant memory and the end of it is fast approaching, which also means so is Christmas! Yes, I said it. And it's only 9 weeks that is even possible I do not know!
But rather than bury our heads in the sand and hoping it goes away (my favourite solution!), it's time to start planning gifts whether we like it or not! 
Luckily we have plenty to choose from! If you're after something fun and educational then you can't go past a well designed puzzle. It's definitely no secret that we LOVE a good puzzle which is why we have plenty of these to choose from too!
We have specifically chosen pieces which are well designed, unique and offer endless ways to create and construct with them.
You may have trouble picking just one so we thought this might help you a little by understanding what you can actually produce with just some triangle pieces and some wooden dowel!
We recently had our incredible Extra Large Wooden Triangle Puzzle from our Playful Wood range, featured on the Kids Gifts & Toys blog where it was reviewed by the lovely and talented Lizzie and her two children.
Puzzle Play | Happy Go Ducky
Lizzie really knows her stuff and we loved seeing all the different creations they came up with together, one of my favourites being the map of Australia! How cool is that?!
Map Of Australia Using Puzzle Pieces | Happy Go Ducky
Never underestimate the power of a beautiful puzzle and your child's imagination!
Make sure you head on over and have a read (click here) to see more of what they created and also find out more about the benefits of adding pieces to your child's collection that will not only help them learn new skills but also grow with them. With quality pieces that allow for open ended play, they will always seek them out and never tire of the joy that creative, imaginative playtime will bring them.
Playing With Puzzles | Happy Go Ducky
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*All images by Kids Gifts & Toys
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