Wicker Dolls Pram - Dusty Pink

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We searched high and low for the perfect dolls pram for your child and were over the moon when we finally discovered these stunning, handcrafted wicker prams from Polish brand Lilu.


These beautiful pieces are the perfect gift and keepsake toy for your child.

Poland is well known around the world for quality, handmade wicker ware. This traditional craft that became popular back in 1800’s is still alive and well today, despite the number of specialist wicker craftsmen and women slowly decreasing.

It takes approximately 3 years to learn the basic skills of wicker work, and several more to master the more intricate and difficult styles, like the hood of our Lilu pram for example.

Each Lilu pram is made by entirely by hand using traditional tools and methods. The willow reeds are prepared by firstly cutting them, stripping the bark, soaking them in water for several days (the duration varies depending on the type of willow) and then boiling them for several hours - the boiling process helps protect the wicker from insects and gives it that beautiful golden colour. The stripped bark pieces can also be used for weaving baskets and other smaller items.

All of the paints are water based with no solvents added which means they're safe for your child and kind to the environment.

Each pram comes with it’s own, beautiful bedding set made from buttery soft muslin cotton and includes a mattress, a sweet little blanket with tassel and the most perfect little pillow to make their dolls cosy and comfy. There are also 5 decorative pom poms carefully placed along the hood (as pictured) which are also easily removable.

[Please note: Colours of pom poms/bows and bedding may vary slightly to those pictured]

Recommended for use inside only. Avoid use on rough or uneven surfaces.

Dimensions: H: 58 cm W: 27 cm L: 48 cm. Bedding - Mattress: L: 38cm W: 22cm

Materials - Pram: 100% Natural Polish Wicker & Wooden Base.

Dolls Bedding: 100% Cotton Muslin with Deluxe Silicone Anti-Allergen Filler.

Maintenance & Care: Each pram wheel and the pram handle are secured with screws which can loosen overtime with use. Please check regularly, prior to play. If loosening does occur, simply tighten with the appropriate sized Philips head screw driver. Be careful not to over-tighten them as this can prevent the wheels from turning properly and the screws from tightening thereafter.

Avoid use on rough surfaces, such as concrete and this can cause excessive wear and friction and can damage the wheels.

The muslin bedding can be machine washed on a gentle cycle. Do not tumble dry and avoid harsh detergents/stain removers. The wicker itself can be wiped over with a clean damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt.

Age Guide: 3 years +. Not intended for use as a walking aid. Pom poms are for decorative purposes only and are easily removable. Please keep pom poms out of reach of children under the age 3 years and children over 3 years who still have a tendency to put things in their mouth as they could be a potential choking hazard.

Customer Reviews

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Rosemarie Aleksic
Wicker Dolls Pram

Gorgeous little dolls pram which is perfect for my granddaughter.
Excellent service

Alison Foreman
Dusty Pink Wicker Pram

My grandaughter recently turned 1 so my family thought this would be the perfect airloom for Lyla's birthday. This pram is absolutely beautiful, worth every cent!

Zoe Williams
The best!

Was so impressed with the quality and the customer service.
Spoke to someone on the phone regarding shipping and they were super helpful and only took 3 days delivery.
Will definitely buy from them again.

Bev Bahnisch
Wicker Dolls Pram

Absolutely beautiful, exactly as pictured - fantastic service and delivery from Happy Go Ducky - highly recommend

Nicole Worth
So divine

My grand daughter loves her pusher

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