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A counting board is an amazing invention in which all the basic mathematical operations can be demonstrated and learnt. Children can practice and understand how to compare, add, subtract, multiply and divide. An excellent learning tool for children from pre-school age and up.

This simple educational game will encourage and develop mathematical thinking in your children in a wonderful way, without them needing to read or write anything down. How does it work? The adult asks the child a question and the child then uses the marbles to count out and display the answer on the board.

See some example questions below...

The red Pislik has three balls and the green Pislik has two balls. How many balls do both Pisliks have all together?

The white Pislik had six balls, but he lost two. How many does he have left?

The blue Pislik has three balls, the red Pislik has three balls and the green Pislik also has three balls. How many times do you see three balls there? How many balls are there all together?

Mum bought 15 red, yellow and green Pisliks. Can you distribute them fairly so that everyone has the same amount?

There really are endless variations. Most importantly, have fun! Try changing roles and let your child ask the questions. Try making a mistake and watch your child react! Enjoy, learn and laugh together!

It is unbelievable, but most children who have had difficulty learning maths in a traditional school environment, have taken to the counting board with great enthusiasm and seem to find the answers more easily.

Treated with a mixture of linseed oil, natural resin and beeswax.

Each board comes with a set of 40 glass marbles in a canvas bag and 5 wooden Pislik figures with colour coded tops.

Instructions included.

Material: Birch Wood and Glass Marbles

Measurements: L: 2.5cm x W: 20cm x H: 34cm

Weight: 800g

  • A simple, effective and FUN way to learn maths 
  • Handcrafted from sustainable Birch wood
  • An excellent educational tool

Age Guide & Safety:

*The wooden figures are recommended for 3 years + and are not suitable for children over 3 years who still have a tendency to place objects in their mouths. The glass marbles are a choking hazard and must be kept out of reach, off the floor and away from babies and young children.

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Catherine C.
Quick & Simple

It was so easy to order and came really quickly. The quality is great and I know this will last.

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