Wooden Calendar With Seasons

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These simple and practical wooden calendars are the perfect introduction to learning about dates, time and the changing seasons for young children. Four colours represent the four seasons, with each period three having months which is distinguished by a different shade of the respective colour.

Each coloured piece has a hole in it where you insert a ball pin to set the appropriate time within each season. There are also 32 circular pieces with numbers so the appropriate day and month can also be set.

This is a really fun and interactive way for children to learn about the seasons, assign colours and months, track upcoming events, learn about dates as well as get an understanding of the passing of time.

Each calendar comes with 32 numbered pieces, 16 coloured pieces and 2 ball pin marker pieces.

Measurements:  L: 37.5cm x W: 37.5cm x H: 1.8cm   Age guide: 3 years +

All of the toys in the Wood For Kids range are handcrafted using eco friendly, ethically and sustainably sourced timbers which are all FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.

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