Wooden Sorting Cylinders & Lacing Balls - Rainbow

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This amazing educational sorting and lacing toy set includes, includes 8 rainbow wooden balls, 8 wooden opening cylinders, wooden bowl, cotton threading stick and tweezers.

This set appeals to a wide range of ages and encourages a wide range of play ideas. You can play peekaboo with young children, hiding the ball inside the matching cylinders, and then watching your child replicate the game.

A simple Montessori sorting game can also be played, by sorting the balls into their correct cylinders. A beautiful way for little ones to discover colours. Older children can use the wooden balls for all kind of games and the pretty wooden cylinders can be used to keep treasures and play filling games.

Sorting the balls into the cylinders allows children to develop logical and mathematical thinking by classifying, grouping and combining elements by colour and/or form.

Finally, the wooden balls can be threaded onto the string which allows children to development their pincer grip and fine motor skills.

The learning and play opportunities with this lovely set are endless.

Set includes:
- Rainbow coloured wooden balls: 3cm diameter - 8 pieces.
- Rainbow coloured wooden opening cylinders: W: 4cm x H: 5cm - 8 pieces.
- Natural wooden bowl: W: 11.5cm x H: 5cm - 1 piece.
- Wooden stick with cotton rope: - 1 piece.
- Wooden tweezers - 1 piece.

Material: Linden wood finished with organic coloured wax. Cotton string.

Age Guide & Safety: 3 years+. Not suitable for children 3 years and over who still have a tendency to put things in their mouth as the wooden balls can be a potential choking hazard. Adult supervision recommended during play.

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