Wooden Farm Shelter with Fencing - Medium Set

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This is another one of the medium farm sets from Domeczech, containing 14 wooden building pieces. 

This wonderful set creates the perfect setting for lots of small world play using all of their favourite animals and figures.

Children can put themselves into the game, their feelings, dreams and ideas as they create their own world. Naturally children will solve problems and situations during the game, teaching them important skills for life.

They also open the door to endless imaginative play, with lots of magical story telling opportunities.

The large pieces easily slot into each other so even younger children can practice putting them together. 

Children can explore all of the different ways to assemble and play with them. This is a great set on it's own or the pieces can also be added and connected to the other building sets from the Domeczech range to create their own town or village.

Box Measurements: L: 23.5cm W: 15.5cm H: 5cm

Total pieces: 14

Weight: 0.8kg

Age Guide & Safety: Recommended for 3 years+. Our toys are safety tested and certified, however we always advise that toys be checked prior to play and recommend adult supervision during playtime.

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Very cool concept, beautifully made and easy to store ! Love it. Maybe a bit hard for my 2.5yr old to do alone but that’s fine I’m sure she’ll get the hang of them !

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