Wooden Koala Figure

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These wooden toy animal figures from Dio Toys are handmade from the most beautiful cherry wood and finished with organic linseed oil which gives them that lovely rich, warm colour.

Although the shapes are quite simple, the detailing which is precision cut into the wood is what really brings them to life and makes them special. These features also make them ideal for stacking as it makes it easier to 'lock' them into place and fit them together like a puzzle.

Each animal is a unique piece designed with love and care and they allow children to explore and create imaginary worlds as they play or stack them as high as possible and knock them down again.

They're a wonderful educational toy for young children and are perfect in Montessori, Waldorf and small world play settings.

Measurements: L: 4 x H: 9 x W: 1.5 cm

Material: Cherry Wood

Age Guide & Safety: Recommended for 3 years+. We always advise that toys be checked prior to play and recommend adult supervision during playtime. Not suitable for children 3 years and over who still have a tendency to put things in their mouth.

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