Wooden Stacking Bowls - Rainbow

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These beautiful, brightly coloured wooden stacking bowls are perfect for building, sorting and lots more! Sort different coloured items like marbles, gemstones, beads, flowers, wooden acorns... the possibilities are endless.

Toddlers will love to stack these wooden cups, slot them into one another and hunt for toys hidden underneath them. Older children will have great fun incorporating them into sets of building blocks and using them in play kitchens as they make wonderfully colourful pots, bowls and cups.

These wonderful toys will help your little one learn the colours of the rainbow while enhancing their fine motor, language and counting skills. Use your imagination to explore your own colourful ideas.

Each set includes 7 different sized bowls.

Measurements: Largest cup: W: 10.5cm x H: 5.5cm. Smallest cup: W: 3.5cm x H: 1.2cm.

Material: Linden wood finished with natural, non toxic paints.

Age Guide: 3 years+

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