Archa Program's designer and creator, Tomas Petrina, grew up in the beautiful mountain regions of Czech Republic. He began working with wood with his father from a very young age. His love for design and engineering led him down several different paths until one day he had the idea to re-create some of the country cottages found in regional Czech, in the form of a children's puzzle.

Tomas' background in architecture and engineering allowed him to bring his idea to life and offer something completely unique to the market. Being that he still lives in the area where he grew up, means that sourcing all the materials for his designs is much easier and gives him control over where they came from so he can ensure the quality of the wood (natural beechwood) as well as knowing that everything is ethically and sustainably sourced.

Archa Program's puzzles are all specifically designed to challenge children while enhancing their creativity and problem solving. Each puzzle piece fits together perfectly and locks into place which eliminates the need for glues or screws.

Tomas is very passionate about his local community and is always involved various fund raising efforts for schools and sporting clubs in the area.

Children's Building Puzzle | Happy Go Ducky