At Happy Go Ducky, our toys are designed to not only engage the imagination of children and help them learn important skills but to also help create an environment where parents and family can be a part of this interaction with them to help enhance playtime and their overall learning experience.

Our goal has and always will be to help people make a more conscious choice when purchasing toys and gifts for their child. Baby toys and any children's toys made from plastic, can often contain toxic materials so they can be very harmful to your child over time. Usually when they break or are outgrown, they are thrown away into landfill which is where they will stay, forever.

All of our artisans share our focus and passion for high quality, sustainable and eco friendly materials. This ensures that not only will each piece stand the test of time and be enjoyed for many years to come, they are also safe for babies and young children and kind to the environment.

Our huge collection of unique wooden baby toys, beautifully soft baby bedding, stunning decor and on trend children's furniture are all designed to bring something special and handmade into your home that will help create a magical space for your child, while still being fun, practical and versatile.