More about NOM Handcrafted from it's creator, Eryn....

'NOM Handcrafted, like many other small businesses, was born during the 2020 Lockdown. Wanting to provide new, open-ended play experiences for my children, but lacking the money (or job) to pay for them, I tried my hand at making my own. With previous experience in woodworking, and a love for crafting things with my hands, it fast became apparent that I could spread the love to other families by selling my creations.

My name is Eryn, and I am the hands behind NOM Handcrafted. I have three beautiful kids; Noah, Oscar and Molly, who I’ve dedicated my business to. We live in Brisbane, QLD, and all toys are made in home, with the kids underfoot. I have help from my amazing husband when he’s able, but mostly I’m a one woman show. Outside of crafting toys, I enjoy drinking wine, driving fast cars, writing fantasy and sleeping.'

All of the toys in the NOM collection adhere to AS/NZS 8124.1.