Tateplota has won the hearts and ignited the imaginations of young children worldwide. From beautifully handmade knitted animals, to superbly handcrafted wooden toys, this family business creates from the heart and draws all of their inspiration from the beauty of nature that surrounds them.

'Our name is Roma and Tasia. We live and create in the city of Ryazan, or rather, outside the city next to a pine forest. Nature is our main inspiration. We never cease to be amazed by how many wonders there are in nature, the variety of colors, shapes and textures.'

What began as handmade knitted foxes, bears and more, quickly expanded into a collection of wooden toys after Roma began creating little pieces of furniture etc to accompany Tasia’s creations. Gradually the two areas merged together and after they moved to the country to be closer to nature then their workshop grew from there. ‘Warmth’ is the name of their workshop and the heart and soul of the family’s business.

Tasia: 'To live your own business and work with your husband is great, interesting and warm. With the birth of my daughter, my time for knitting has drastically decreased, and I just accepted this situation, because besides knitting, I have all the informational part of “Warmth”, photos of our things, and communication with customers.'

The couple draws nearly all of their inspiration from the nature that surrounds them with the utmost importance being placed upon honouring that of which nature has provided them with, and allowing the beauty of the materials used to create a sense of warmth and magic.

'Our logo is simple and concise. Cross sticks tell about our house and our family, in which we let in the warmth of our handmade work.'
'We love our creations, and when creating we think about how they will please someone's house and warm them from the inside. Our dream is to let our toys be inherited.'
'Our business has arisen and works more from the heart rather than from the head, therefore, we feel all our plans and goals rather than calculate them.’

Due to the popularity of their toys, they have just recently expanded to include a team of fellow artisans who help bring their ideas and creations to life, with both Roman and Tasia overseeing the entire process to ensure each piece is as it should be.

We hope you enjoy exploring the magic and wonder of this incredible collection of wooden treasures from Tateplota and we know that each piece will bring joy and magic wherever they go.

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