Extra Large Wooden Birch Tree Puzzle

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The birch is a very beautiful tree and is commonly known in some European countries as 'the prince of the forest'. These incredible puzzles are one of the most unique we've ever seen and one of the most difficult to handcraft.

Explore the seasons with this beautiful, unique puzzle. Spring sees the first leaves appear, while autumn brings out the most beautiful yellow. Put all the same colours together or mix them to create an even more majestic tree.

All of the wooden pieces come off the trunk and the leaf slots accomodate 2 leaves each, all with their own special place. This means that you can feature different colours/seasons on both sides of the tree as well as mix them up.

These puzzles are designed to enhance concentration, teach patience and also reflection. Because each leaf space is different, it makes the puzzle more challenging and fun. Children will love building this puzzle with their friends and family.

They can also be a feature in their small world set ups or even as a special piece to display on the shelf in between play.

Handmade from sustainable maple wood and painted with NON-toxic paints with smooth edges that are pleasant to the touch.

Measurements: L: 25cm x H: 42cm x W: 10cm

Age Guide & Safety: Recommended for 3 years+. We always advise that toys be checked prior to play and recommend adult supervision during playtime. Not suitable for children 3 years and over who still have a tendency to put things in their mouth. The leaves are quite small in size and could be a potential choking hazard.

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