Wooden Forest Hut

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These magical wooden huts from Bumbu Toys will create a fairytale atmosphere and are the perfect match for any of the wooden animals and trees from their collection.

The hut in the forest is full of wonderful stories. Hidden inside you'll find a sleeping bear or a sly fox trying to keep warm, and then when the cold winter passes and they leave to hunt for food, you'll find the family of bunnies, who will come and make it their summer home. Here they will gather and prepare their food for the winter.

The house in the forest hides many wondrous stories, but when a child comes to play, they unlock those hidden stories and everything comes to life. And then when one story ends, another begins.

These beautiful toys encourage children to explore story telling, role play and fairy tales, all from their own imagination.  

The forest hut is for any of the 5-7 cm high figurines. It can be taken apart into 5 separate pieces, including the door which easily opens during play.

Materials & Measurements: The plate under the house is made of maple wood and is 22cm long and 15cm wide.
The house is made of linden wood and has a height of 18 cm and a width of 18.5 cm.

Age Guide & Safety: Recommended for 3 years+. We always advise that toys be checked prior to play and recommend adult supervision during playtime. Not suitable for children 3 years and over who still have a tendency to put things in their mouth.

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