Wooden Toy Slingshot

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These classic style slingshots are designed just like the ones from our childhood.

They're lots of fun when used with a target to see who can hit the centre or to see who can knock over a light object over such as an empty can or cup.

[D.I.Y TARGET TIP: Recycle a piece of old cardboard by cutting into a circle and drawing on a simple target. You can then hang it anywhere you like using a bit of blu-tak!]

They're excellent for practicing hand eye co-ordination for all ages.

These toys are intended for safe play only - projectiles should never be aimed at people or animals.

Measurements: L: 19cm W: 12.5cm H: 2.2cm

Material: Rubber tube, Oak wood and leather

Age Guide & Safety: 5 years+. Care must be taken when playing with these toys. Only soft felt balls (sold separately) or rolled up paper balls should be used as the projectile and never aimed at people or animals. Should only be played with under constant adult supervision. Not suitable for children over 3 years who still have a tendency to put things in their mouth as the felt balls could be a choking hazard.

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Amazing slingshot

This slingshot is so much fun!! We use it with felt balls and it is now a family favourite toy.

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