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The history of wooden toys in Russia is deeply rooted in the past and the tradition has continued from generation to generation. 

Forest rich regions like the North of Russia are among the places where wooden toys were carved. Countryman, hunters and fisherman were equipped with simple tools such as an axe but they were skilled enough to build a house with their bare hands and fill it with wooden crafts, decorations, utensils and cookware.

As for toys, they were made on the go, for fun. Figurines of horses, birds, people and other objects are just some of the ancient wooden toys that were made in Russia’s North.

Traditional Russian Wooden Toys

They were also believed to be carriers of supernatural powers and even today, there is a still a strong sense of something beautiful and magical about them.

In the regions surrounding the main roadways and river-ways, there were plenty of trade possibilities and toy making became a thriving craft industry. The Volga region was one of them and the local artisans had a special love and appreciation for wood.

They wouldn't carve their toys out of solid piece of lumber. Dolls, for example, were made from firewood pieces. Their back was round while the front side remained flat. Carriages and wagons were made out of thin planks and held together with the help of tiny nails.

Nowadays, wooden toys have become a safe, much loved indispensable tool for developing imagination and fine motor skills in children, while helping them to adapt and understand the world around them.

Kubi Dubi Wooden Building Blocks

Kubi Dubi have created a unique and highly sought after collection of eco friendly wooden toys that are designed to engage and aid in the development of many important skills such as problem solving and logical thinking.

All of their toys and building blocks are handmade and created by skilled artisans who have extensive training and expertise in their field.

Wooden Building Blocks | Happy Go Ducky

Quality and safety are at the forefront of everything they create and they have stringent testing and guidelines in place to ensure all of their toys meet the highest standards before they make their way into your home.

Wooden Educational Toys | Happy Go Ducky

Their goal is to create toys that will grow with your child. Babies and preschoolers can use wooden toys in their simple games and play, while older kids can incorporate them into more complex playing scenarios and even use them in geometry, physics, problem solving and research. As your child's skills and intelligence grow, so to will the range of applications that they these toys can be used in.

We are thrilled to be the Australian distributor for this amazing brand, and we know you’ll love their incredible collection of wooden toys just as much as we do!

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